Foraged Goods

Contact or call 907 347 4989 for wholesale/bulk product inquiries or to check for deals. No minimum order. We’re re-doing our online storefront as we get more organized.

What’s in Season?

SpeciesBest Time of Year
Chaga, Tinder Conk, False Tinder Conk, Turkey Tail,
Ganoderma (uncommon), Agarikon (uncommon)
MorelsSpring thru
Boletes, Golden Chanterelle, Meadow Mushroom,
Shaggy Mane, Puffballs
Summer thru Fall
Hericium –
Lion’s Mane, Bear’s Head, Comb of the Woods
(All Uncommon)
Blueberries, Cranberries, Salmonberries,
Cloudberries, Strawberries, Bog Bilberries,
Crowberries, Currants, Red Raspberries
Summer thru Fall
Rose Petals, Fireweed petals, other flowersSummer
Rose HipsFall
Other – e.g. Broomrape, Devil’s Club Root Bark, etc.Contact Us

We usually have supplies of other niche Alaskan products like punk ash and are networking with other local product makers for goods like jellies or birch and flower products.