The Chaga Co-operative began in 2018 to explore the north and bring its natural bounties to the public. We harvest Chaga in a sustainable manner and educate the public on it and other edible species from the forest. Alaska is highly abundant in foods and natural medicines of all kinds, our mission is to make them more available at fair rates and build a foraging collective spanning villages, towns, and eventually many countries. This will support students and young entrepreneurs like ourselves, to create the resources we need to build better communities. The Chaga Co-operative also wants to protect and promote awareness of Alaska’s incredible natural resources, which are threatened by a rapidly changing climate that we experience exponentially more in the North. Expect this site to grow along with our journey.

The Chaga Co-operative’s mission is to provide high quality chaga and other foraged goods to the public. We work with companies, corporations, and villages to provide foods/natural medicines and economic opportunities to working families, students and young entrepreneurs.

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Our goal is to create a sustainable, statewide harvesting co-operative rooted in communal mastery of foraging wild goods. Every community deserves to have a Co-op they can buy and sell harvested goods.

We value high paying jobs for our harvester and employees. We take pride in our equal pay for equal work model where we guarantee harvesters up to 75% of profits on each final product sale.

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